My Journey


I have been recently thinking of my career beyond football as it is a short one. I have like so many thought of so many different things that could interest me but have had a realization that you have to do something you love. That is what allowed me to play football as a career staying focused practising. Taking the knock backs and getting back up because I love doing it all. That is why I want to share with people all the info I gather articles I read, that help me out and share any useful things that could help others, that may be looking for the edge on competitors or just enjoy making themselves better. I aim to share articles, tips and tricks I have come across in performance, recovery and nutrition. I hope these can be of some help to others looking to do the same as I continue on my own journey of self-improvement. I am 28 years old and have recently decided to step out of professional football and play part time as I look to build a career after football for myself. I came to this decision as for the last few years as I have got older and had a tough couple of seasons bouncing from club to club the worry of income and future income after football to support my family and wife have become a big pressure on my shoulders. It was a scary decision as football and trying to forge the best career for myself is all I have known but I am now looking forward to helping as many people as possible get the best from themselves and their career.